Buy The Universal Inspiration Project

When you buy The Universal Inspiration Project, you are participating in a Social Movement as much as buying a book. For that reason, we have many options to ensure the book makes its way as far and wide as possible. If you are a conscious business owner, there is also the potential to advertise your business in copies that are distributed as free copies by you in any way you see best, or by us through a number of outlets, please contact us for more information.

This book is the perfect heartwarming group activity for any company, church, school, social club, or family! And, since each copy travels through 111 hands and is believed by university research to create a wave of over 5,000 demonstrations of love in action, the dharma associated is incalculable and certain to create waves of positive impact far greater than you might be aware! Indeed, this book has been life changing for many in many different ways and continues to create stories of renewed faith, hope, and love between brothers and sisters all over the world!

The financial investment it takes to ensure as many copies as possible are spread as quickly as possible is trivial in comparison to the impact it has on the world, and is something we can all collectively participate in as a cooperative World Peace Solution. The book and the movement serve as a means of breaking down barriers, walls and shattering illusions of separation, while effectively creating a sense of connection and oneness with ‘strangers’ all over the planet.

Thank you for your participation in this Movement. We are grateful for each person that understands the value and chooses to be a part of one of the solutions to creating more peace, love, unity, prosperity, and understanding during this historical paradigm shift of consciousness and culture. On behalf of all beings positively impacted by your participation, THANK YOU!