The Universal Inspiration Project has the propensity to be the largest social experiment in history and only relies on the innate desire to express in loving and authentic ways with our entire Human Family. This project is not affiliated with any religion or specific traditions, yet it reflects the Truth embedded in every spiritual path.

Love one another. Be kind to one another. Take care of those in need. Follow in the footsteps of all the wise ones that have come before us who taught this message under many different names and belief systems.

Every book distributed has its own adventure as a traveling journal that evolves into a handwritten love letter by humanity, to humanity.  Even better, each completed copy is believed to create a chain of over 5,000 expressions of Love In Action. The impact and effects are immeasurable, yet, certainly profound!

The book is currently a self-published work, independently distributed by several print on demand pipelines, as well as free copies being seeded into local communities and targeted events with sponsorship support of businesses, causes, other events, and organizations in alignment with its message and call to action.  In addition to the organic nature of its viral marketing by the very nature of its person to person sharing, it is marketed via social media, website and social community, press releases and more.  Plans are in existence for an app, also.  Suggested retail price is $22.22 USD, £16.99 GBP and €18.99.  Proceeds are a source of financing for other large scale sustainable solutions  and global unification projects that visionary creator, Nikki Starseed, has created, collaborates in, or financially contributes to.